Android organize apps alphabetically


I’m trying understand this ListView working and i am attempting to sort their email list alphabetically through the application title rather than the package title.

// load list application
mListAppInfo = (ListView)findViewById(
// create new adapter
AppInfoAdapter adapter = new AppInfoAdapter(this, Utilities.getInstalledApplication(this), getPackageManager())
// set adapter to list out view

public AppInfoAdapter(Context c, List list, PackageManager pm)

public View getView(int position, View convertView, ViewGroup parent) obtain the selected entry
ApplicationInfo entry = (ApplicationInfo) mListAppInfo.get(position)

// mention of the convertView
View v = convertView

// inflate new layout if null
if(v == null)

// load controls from layout assets
ImageView ivAppIcon = (ImageView)v.findViewById(
TextView tvAppName = (TextView)v.findViewById(
TextView tvPkgName = (TextView)v.findViewById(

// set data to show

// return view
return v

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