Android os for pc live usb


Run Android On Your Computer From the USB Stick

Wanting to try Android in your netbook computer? Well, you can now.

Before Google introduced the Chrome OS, a lot of us were a lot more than searching toward seeing the way the company’s Android operating-system would operate on netbook computers. However, when Google dropped its Chrome OS explosive device, i was left curious about the fate of Android on netbook computers. In the end, the Chrome OS has been created for netbook computers. What will be the reason for Android on not phones when the Chrome OS opens up the coming year?

With the aid of LiveAndroid it’s not necessary to wait to give it a try. LiveAndroid has existed for some time now. Initially released in May, LiveCD enables you to definitely run the Android OS on x86 platforms without really setting up the program. Until recently it was only helpful to individuals with netbook computers that really come with an optical drive. However, individuals at LiveAndroid a week ago introduced a LiveUSB version, especially handy for individuals individuals with netbook computers or notebook computers that do not have a disc drive.

Anybody prepared to give mtss is a shot? Tell us the way you jump on should you choose! You are able to download the iso file from LiveAndroid’s Google Code-located project page.

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