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Gartner: smartphone sales up 47 percent in Q3, Android’s OS market share increases (up-to-date)

Third quarter figures from Gartner are out, confirming worldwide cell phone sales slowed down again in Q3 2012. Mobile phones, however, demonstrated a 46.9 % rise in sales within the same period this past year, with 169.two million models offered. While you would imagine, Apple and Samsung offered probably the most, comprising nearly half of worldwide smartphone purchases. Nokia sales rejected throughout the quarter, with only 7.two million of their mobile phones filling customers’ hands, its ranking within this segment dropped from third to seventh (although Gartner needs sales from the new Lumia products should soften the autumn in Q4). In comparison, Apple were built with a solid quarter, with sales up 36.2 percent year-on-year, that is likely to continue in to the 4th quarter because the apple iphone 5 launches in additional marketplaces. Samsung did not do bad either, growing sales by 18.6 % year-on-year because of its Universe range (although you need to note this figure is perfect for total phone sales, not only mobile phones). Within the OS wars, Android ongoing to develop its market share as much as 72.4 %, with iOS using the second place with 13.9 %. Stalwart RIM designed a leap in to the top three using its Rim OS, as aging Symbian saw its usage decline further. If you wish to pour within the figures yourself, browse the source below.

Update: We have mucked around using the publish to get rid of some confusion between total cell phone sales and smartphone sales. No figures happen to be transformed.

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