Android pace university


The Certificate in Android Database Integration class meets two times each week on Monday and Wednesday nights. It is really an instructor-brought course. Addtional lab hrs can be found (Mobile Phone Computing Lab – open lab / optional. Meets three occasions throughout course)

Monday and Wednesday nights: 6:30 pm to eight:30 pm (2 hrs) Four (+) hrs each week for 12 days. Total Android class hrs – 48 hrs / 12+ days.
Students will learn to design and make Android Mobile programs and obtain a thorough understanding and knowledge of google’s Android framework and platform.
Anybody who’s wondering building mobile applications for that Google Android mobile platform varieties trying to better understand mobile database integration process.

Students are needed to possess a background in Object Oriented Programming the Java programming language is preferred. An Android phone is suggested although not needed.
The Android platform is definitely an free mobile and embedded device platform from Google. Presently there’s rapid development in the amount of Android based mobile products being launched on virtually all of the cell phone service providers all over the world, having a common development platform and application marketplace for 3rd party developer programs.

This 48 hour course includes class instruction, then hands-on development exercises in a computer using the Android SDK. Classroom hrs is going to be compounded by homework projects. Students is going to be needed to organize, design and make a completely functional Android application project through the finish from the course.

Students within the Android and apple iphone class will have the Mobile Phone Computing Lab monthly to operate collaboratively with each other or by having an instructor to assist students one-on-one or perhaps in small groups (homework projects, training, exercises or class projects).

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