Android phone guard software


Just in case your mobile is forgotten or stolen, Phone Protector will help you to remotely secure and auto lock your Symbian mobile by delivering a lock SMS.

Once locked the telephone remains guaranteed. It won’t be feasible for the crook to apply your phone in order to un-install the telephone Protector software. Mobile are only able to be unlocked by delivering an unlock SMS having a password.

Phone Protector transmits instantly a safe and secure SMS, where information that enables you to definitely catch the crook is incorporated. Equipped with Phone Protector, your smartphone is going to be secure as with safe!

Key Features:
– remote mobile lock and unlock with lock SMS
– Approach to software launch selection
– Two Alarm amounts available
– Gps navigation monitoring option available
– Gps navigation monitoring option could be switched off and on with the aid of SMS message
– Phone Protector comes into action (locks the mobile, produces the siren) whenever a different sim is placed or on lock SMS
– Operator specific and placement information (Now Gps navigation coordinates available) is instantly delivered to the amount specified, including the amount of SIM, IMSI and CellID amounts. These details is now able to acquired anytime.
– Siren option may be put off and on, also remotely using SMS
– Un-install can be done just with the best password
– Phone lock is independent from phone restart
– The software is fully suitable for cell phones Series 60.5

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