Android phone system uid inconsistent


Inconsistent UIDS and wiping an information partition

I have inherited my wife’s Android phone (GT540) when she had a more recent, shining one :-)

We believe to possess factory totally reset it (through the privacy option), and actually it’s finally stopped to consult her account and all sorts of photos have left. However I keep obtaining a warning message, about inconsistent UIDs and the necessity of wiping the information partition to be certain.

I’m able to click the only button “I’m feeling lucky” to carry on, without realizing particular issues.

Clearly, according to Murphy, the content isn’t appearing at this time, and so i can’t copy it verbatim :-) Will edit the issue if this arrives again.

The actual message is:

System UIDs sporadic

UIDs around the system are inconsistent, you have to wipe your computer data partition or perhaps your device is going to be unstable.

Which is then the unpredicted crash from the Market application (


what’s happening? what data partition is really worrying it? Wasn’t the totally reset “with enough contentrationInch?
what might happen, what UIDs could it be mentioning to?
how do i repair it?

I’ve got a new Sdcard, that is so far as I will tell empty. I’d have loved to format it before utilizing it, however the choice is unavailable: I’m able to only unmount it. Is that this (skipped) formatting the needed wiping to totally reset the UIDs? Or perhaps is it a totally different factor, that we will search/request inside a later question?

Being a new comer to the Android system I’m not sure if every other info are missing. The kernel is 2.6.29 (however i could be surprised if such fundamental matters were strongly determined by the actual kernel version….). Just just in case the firmware from the phone is 2.1-update1.

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