Android phones that don’t need a data plan


Default Android phone without DATA plan

I am on T-mobile Much More for Families 750 Talk and limitless text plan ( NO DATA )

I am considering purchasing the Universe Nexus ( Worldwide version, Unlocked )
Will T-Mobile pressure me to register for their data plan basically put my T-mobile sim without any data plan into my Universe Nexus.

i heard that T-mobile pressure their customer to obtain a data plan when they discover that you utilize a smartphone, i additionally heard that if you are using a Non T-mobile branding phone ( Worldwide or AT&T version won’t get pressure onto an information plan because T-mobile have no idea the IMEI, therefore they do not know that you utilize a smartphone and can’t pressure you to enroll in their data plan )

Is that true ? have anybody effectively utilizing an android smartphone on T-mobile without data plan ?

p/s ?i believe forcing someone to enroll in an information plan’s really stupid. I spend the majority of my day inside a Wi-fi compatability zone, so data plan’s a complete waste of money.

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