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Samsung arrived on the scene swinging within the other half of 2010 using their Android-based Universe S and Universe Tab line. The Captivate on Rogers is, with a large margin, the very best Android device within their selection. Boasting a 4-inch Super AMOLED screen, 1GHz Hummingbird Processor along with a 5MP HD video capable camera, this giant device certainly shows what Android is capable of doing.

– 4-inch, high definition 480&times800 Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen
– Fast 1GHz Hummingbird processor
– Solid PowerVR SGX 540 GPU for three dimensional and Gaming
– 5MP 720p HD capable auto-focus camera
– Swype Keyboard Pre-loaded
– DLNA wireless media streaming support

– Still sporting Android 2.1
– RFS Filesystem slows some system functions to some crawl (File Input/Output)
– No expensive on camera
– Battery existence just a little suspect (possibly software related)
– Gps navigation issues

Honorable mentions:
Acer Liquid E: Most likely probably the most underrated device in Canada, it’s Rogers’ only phone running 2.2. Regrettably, it features a slightly underclocked Snapdragon Processor along with a plasticky chassis that causes it to be outclassed by greater finish products.

Dell Streak: The Streak is a great phone with solid specs but is just too large a telephone to consider top place at Rogers’. It’ll certainly satisfy a specialized niche although not mainstream customers. Ready to get funny looks when putting this phone as much as your ear when creatingOrresponding to a phone call.

The new sony Ericsson Xperia X10: Between your time Rogers introduced it had become exclusivity from the The new sony Ericsson tool and really released it, a slew of Android products with superior hardware and running more recent firmware versions appeared to be introduced and released. Will still be a good phone for first-time smartphone customers but seasoned Android customers beware because this phone appears like it will likely be stuck at version 5.1 &Eacuteclair.

HTC continues to be Android’s unofficial &ldquochampion&rdquo manufacturer right from the start, being the first one to dive into Android using the T-Mobile G1 known in Canada because the HTC Dream. The Htc Desire Mobile Phone Z (referred to as T-Mobile G2 in america) may be the true successor towards the Legendary G1/Dream. Using its unique Z hinge design, reliable Texting keyboard and incredibly snappy and underrated 800MHz second Generation Snapdragon (Scorpion) processor this phone is really a heavy hitter in the realm of Android.

– Top quality Texting keyboard with staggered key layout
– Beautiful High-Res Super LCD 480&times800 capacitive touch Display
– 5MP 720p HD capable auto-focus camera with Brought Expensive
– Android 2.2 using the latest form of HTC’s Sense UI
– Solid construction – Unibody aluminum chassis – Z-hinge enables for screen to just about be flush with keyboard when opened up
– HSPA+ connectivity for 4G-like speeds

– Very heavy device coming in at 164g
– Noticeably thicker than more recent touch only products (because of getting a keyboard)
– Hinge not spring loaded, barring the unit from remaining open when held upside lower
– Battery slightly around the small side (1300mAh)
– Very lackluster Picture and Videos quality (possibly software-related)

Honorable mention:
Samsung Universe S Vibrant: The Colourful is really a phone that’s within the upper echelons of top tier Android products. Actually, people could declare that it’s superior hardware (CPU/GPU) towards the Desire Z. Regrettably, you will find a number of things that detract it from to be the top Android offered at Bell. Including: no camera expensive, Gps navigation securing problem and filesystem problem.

There’s something to become stated in regards to a device that’s the initial of the series, especially when it’s according to a previously solid device such as the Google Android Nexus One which sentiment is extended towards the original Htc Desire Mobile Phone. Using its sleek lines and delightful SLCD display, the need is unquestionably a telephone that’s still quite a stylish option with options such as the Desire HD directly on the horizon.

– Beautiful High-Res Super LCD 480&times800 capacitive touch Display
– 5MP 720p HD capable auto-focus camera with Brought Expensive
– Android 2.2
– Solid construction – Unibody aluminum chassis
– Physical Hardware buttons

– Difficulties with some energy buttons
– Spotty multitouch abilities (software copied multitouch monitoring)
– Very lackluster Picture and Videos quality (possibly software-related)
– Less strong battery existence in comparison to European Desires (because switch of AMOLED to SLCD)
– Difficulties with some energy buttons

Important notice:
Htc Desire Mobile Phone HD: As the phone still has not been formally introduced by TELUS, all signs (i.e.: leaked pictures running TELUS firmware, FCC teeth fillings with TELUS 3rd generation bands) are going towards it heading that means by the following couple of days. Because the true successor towards the original Htc Desire Mobile Phone, it’s fitting that it’s going to TELUS who introduced the initial Htc Desire Mobile Phone to Canada. This can be a giant device that merely is simply too best to have overlooked even when still technically a &ldquorumored&rdquo device.

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