Android photography apps camera 360 lite


Camera 360 Lite is a fantastic application for your Android mobile phone. This improves the quality and features of your camera. It turns the camera of your mobile phone into a professional and high quality tool for taking pictures of anything you want. This app is extremely useful because you take your phone every where you go. While you won’t take your Digital SLR camera with you all the time, you should always have your phone. This makes it very simple to take photos of virtually anything you want.

Once the app is installed on your computer, it is very easy to use it to make the most out of your camera. This means that you can greatly improve the quality of any photos you take with your Android powered mobile phone.

What Is It?

Camera 360 Lite is a wonderful free application which turns your camera into a full blown professional camera. Mobile phone cameras aren’t as good as a digital SLR, however, this app makes your camera take much higher quality photos.

Why Should You be Interested?

If you like photography, then you will be interested in this application. Once you launch the application, you will be presented with a menu where you can select various styles and change settings. This makes your camera look much more professional and improves the quality of all your photographs.


Camera 360 Lite is a free application, which can be downloaded from the Android Market store. There is also a paid version available, which gets rid of the ads which support the free version. The paid version also gets updated more regularly and can be purchased using a PayPal link which is found in the lite version.

The free version is known as Camera 360 Lite and the paid version is simply called Camera 360.


There isn’t any official technical support provided with the free version of the software. However, it is possible to find answers to common technical problems on support forums and web sites. This makes it very easy to get to the bottom of any problems that you might be having with your software.

Ease of Use

The application is designed in a nice way which makes it really easy to do virtually anything you want. The app has an easy user interface, which makes use of the touch screen on your phone. It’s also possible to use the trackball on your phone if you prefer.

Once you have selected the different options you are interested in, it will then be possible to easily take photos on your phone by either pressing the shutter button or tapping the screen. Various other options will also be displayed on the screen which can be tapped to select them.


This is a very useful application for anyone who is interested in taking professional looking photos with their camera phone. This is a wonderful way of taking high quality photos when you haven’t got your main camera with you. Because you take your phone everywhere you go, it is always possible to take photos of anything that you see. The app is also surprisingly quick to start, which should mean that you don’t miss any opportunities.

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