Android photography business apps 2012


Managing model and property releases just got a whole lot easier with ASMP’s new free Releases App. The initial version will work on iPhones and iPads but versions for Android and other platforms are in the works. Available for download through the App store, ASMP Releases is the “must-have” app for photographers working in all genres of the business.

Featuring ASMP’s standard Model & Property Releases for assignments, ASMP’s new Promo Only releases for photographers self-promotional use and Getty Images releases, the gold standard for stock licensing, the app offers photographers easy access to standard release language for still and motion projects.

Once you’ve entered your contact information, the app automatically populates it throughout your releases. Each release also includes customizable fields for entering details about the model or property, client and witness as needed.

One of the most exciting features is the ability to photograph the model or property with your iPhone or iPad’s built in camera. That photo becomes permanently embedded within the release so you’ll always be able to identify exactly who or what the release references.

Models and Witnesses can sign the release using a finger or stylus directly on the touch screen of your device.

Finally, the app allows you to email both the photo and a pdf of the signed release to yourself, the model, their agent and/or your client. Pretty cool, huh?

The nifty ASMP Releases App is provided for FREE by the ASMP – your trusted industry resource for photography business answers. Enjoy!

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