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Photostream is one of those Android photo apps that is really easy to use. Simply put, Photostream is a basic Flickr photo browser and viewer with some extra features. It was developed by a Google Android developer called Romain Guy back in 2008 as an example for other developers working with similar features on Android. But, it has become a popular app in its own right.

Getting Started

Photostream is a free download and install from the Android Market, and working with it is a cinch. All you need to do is enter a Flickr screen name or user name and all the publicly viewable photos from that account will then start showing up on screen. After this, you are free to browse through them and look at individual images. The app comes with a default Flickr photostream just to let you try it out before you enter the name of the account that you want to access.

Having a default stream is helpful, especially for those who are new to Flickr and are not familiar with the workings of the popular photo hosting service. Photostream is best suited for those who simply want to view photos or Flickr streams. It is not meant to be used for interacting with Flickr (like uploading, managing, etc.). But, that does not mean that browsing and viewing photos is all you can do with it. The developer has added some simple yet useful extras to keep users happy.

Setting a Direct Homescreen Shortcut to a Flickr Account

In addition to showing you any public Flickr photostream that you specify, this nifty little app does one more thing. If you have a habit of checking a Flickr account really frequently, this app allows you to add a shortcut icon for that account right on your Android phone’s homescreen. So, other than the possibility of having the app itself on the homescreen, you can also set a direct shortcut to any Flickr account through it. It creates a custom shortcut icon with an image that is downloaded from the account that you have entered.

Setting Your Wallpaper through Photostream

Since this app also adds a wallpaper chooser to your phone, you can use this app to set the wallpaper of your Android device. Hence, if you have a particularly favorite Flickr user whose images you often use as your wallpaper, you can simply use this app to use the same images on your phone’s screens. All you have to do is tap on ‘SET’ and customize the image to your liking.

Using Photostream as a Portfolio App

One more use for this app, thanks to its simplicity, is as a quick portfolio. You never know whom you might meet on your next night out or your next train home. Having this app set to your Flickr account can easily work as a quick way to show your portfolio to someone. Or, you can just set up a shortcut to your account and there you have it! The simplicity of this app makes sure that your viewer is thinking about your photos and not how the app works.

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