Android plugged in but not charging


May be the phone, may be the charger, may be the battery.

Steps to test: Plug it right into a different outlet, consider using a USB connection on your pc (if a person does not work try each one of the others consequently), consider using a different cord, for those who have a vehicle charger check it out within the vehicle.

If no above works go right into a Verizon store and request these to try the shop charger and find out whether it works (which will totally eliminate the cord no longer working). When the store charger does not work request (rules your cords being bad however, you may bring yours in and find out whether it creates the demo phone) whether they can try putting battery in the store demo phone to your phone and find out whether it works and can charge. Whether it works and expenses you’ll need a new battery, When the store battery and/or charger aren’t effective it’s most likely the telephone.

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