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Android Reason for Purchase

Our POS software leads the in Accounting Integration, so what is the next stop? AccuPOS brings an Android Reason for Purchase for the Android tablet or perhaps an Android Reason for Purchase app for the Android phone. Imagine having the ability to walk around your restaurant with Android Reason for Purchase by AccuPOS loaded onto an very portable tablet and perform the same things you could do this but this time around get it done faster, cheaper with more reliability.
Why Add Android for your P.O.S. system?

Wouldn’t you are feeling great understanding that your wait staff has the capacity to send orders to fireplace from the restaurant floor? Once they make use of the Android Reason for Purchase app by AccuPOS they’ll no more have to race one another towards the register and inundate your kitchen they’ll have the ability to send any special to the remote printer utilizing their Android Reason for Purchase app by AccuPOS exactly the same way they’d use their AccuPOS Reason for Purchase that operates on your personal computer.

Android POS for Restaurants Screenshots

As well as for restaurant goers, how wonderful will it be if when prepared to leave a cafe or restaurant, you actually reach leave the restaurant? Forget about awaiting the operation of having to pay an invoice since your waiter drawn from his/her smock an AccuPOS Android P.O.S. fully packed with its Android Reason for Purchase app, drawn your check, sharpened your card, handed a receipt and stated thanks come back&hellipcustomer plan to return for.
The Energy of Android Reason for Purchase Functionality

AccuPOS Android Reason for Purchase and it is counterpart the Android Reason for Purchase app have a similar functionality as PC based AccuPOS Reason for Purchase and you will find even benefits. Together with ongoing to integrate together with your accounting program along with your a merchant account, you’ll be considerably cutting your costs for hardware while growing reliability the way it is really a Android P.O.S. using Android.

The portability from the Android P.O.S. makes all sales more effective growing the amount of customer support you’ll be able to provide. Consider special features that include pills and mobile phones, a number of these features are and will also be integrated into the functionality of the AccuPOS Android Reason for Purchase and Android Reason for Purchase app.

Introduce your company towards the new generation of AccuPOS and jump in having a completely new Android P.O.S. For questions, please e mail us at or 800-906-5010.
Install the Demo Form of AccuPOS Reason for Purchase in your Android Phone At This Time!

Our Reason for Purchase demonstration version for Android is simple to install. To give it a try, complete the eco-friendly Free Android Demo App form on top right of the page.

The download quality is 800k. AccuPOS Reason for Purchase for Android won’t have the ability to connect to the private data in your device, and won’t remove or alter all of your files.

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