Android quick settings notification ba


This application allows you easily adjust most significant Android settings with only couple of taps.

Dear Android 4.+ customers. We aren’t able to deliver any new 4. updates aby longer. Please migrate to Settings Extended, which is made for more recent Android versions:

– Brought torch may not focus on some phones
– Gps navigation (since Android 2.3) and Mobile Data (since Android 2.3.3) are just cutting corners
– Turned off 3rd generation and 4G connections can instantly reopen after reboot or returning form plane mode.
– Mobile Data (APN) switch may not work (or might even break your online settings) while dealing with APN of some mobile network operators. Apply it to your personal risk. Not supported since Android 4. because of security restriction.
– 4G is perfect for HTC phones only.
– Status bar cutting corners stay there if QS set up in PHONE memory only.

This application promotes Faster and Settings Extended applications ones in 2 days without having them yet.

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