Android red triangle exclamation point


As rooting process involves flashing a brand new recovery, you’ll understand that after you have restarted the body at least one time under ICS, your preferred recovery isn’t accessible any longer through fastboot menu.


Rather than your preferred recovery, you’re going to get a pleasant picture of Android around the back by having an exclamation mark inside a red triangle.

At this time, your phone is stuck, you are able to only reboot it by getting rid of battery or wait for very very long time till it reboots alone !

Actually, at each boot, your android system replaces your TWRP recovery with this … stalemate.

This short article describes how you can eliminate that real bad behavior and also to have the ability to enter your preferred TWRP recovery anytime you really need it, without reflashing it.

This process continues to be examined on the Nexus S running Frozen Treats Sandwich 4..4 and Jelly Bean 4.1.

The OTA update from ICS to JB rewrite the faulty file !
So, following a Jelly Bean OTA update, you have to re-root your Nexus S and also to apply this process once more.
Relabel the faulty system file

Our issue is from a nasty /system/boot-from-recovery.p file supplied by ICS or JB, that overwrites your recovery at each boot.

The simplest method to repair the problem would be to relabel that file.

To have the ability to relabel a method file, you have to hold a root file manager like Root Browser Lite.

Otherwise already installed, in the market, install Root Browser Lite.

Once done, launch Root Browser Lite and provide it the super energy if this requests it.

Now you can relabel the faulty file from /system/boot-from-recovery.p as well-from-recovery.p.bak.
Reflash TWRP Recovery

Since the rewrite process is blocked, we have to reflash TWRP recovery once more.

So, download the most recent TWRP Recovery image for Nexus S from TeamWin Recovery Project site.

Turn off your phone & enter fastboot mode by pressing Volume UP and Energy simultaneously.

The next step is to plug the telephone for your computer having a USB cable

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