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Android Cupcake, Donut, Eclair and Beyond&hellip

The legend of Cupcake&hellip the way it go so absurdly popular I don’t know. However the Android loving public wanted a touch screen keyboard so when the title &ldquoCupcake&rdquo appeared, people never required their eyes off it. They wanted it. They needed it. However they will Homer Simpson it.

The following dev branch of Android is known as Donut.

At this time, Donut is similar to Cupcake and will also be developed with time, mostly by Google but they’re accepting distribution/updates/features from designers. We learn this from the discussion on the internet Groups from April 26th:

branches with codenames (i.e. cupcake, donut), along with the master branch, are changing, they are not frozen like tags.

You will find tags for android-1., android-sdk-1.5-pre and android-1.5, which are not changing.

Donut may be the codename for that project that immediately follows cupcake (you are able to determine the ordering by recognizing the codenames are from a to z).

At this time, indeed, the code in donut is similar to that particular in cupcake. The main focus continues to be mainly on cupcake, even though donut is able to receive changes it has not had any yet.

Observe that note about &ldquoAlphabetical Order&rdquo? We thought it might be fun to calculate the potential names from the development branches for E through Z. My list is below, you can help make your own suggestions within the comments!

Jelly (Regrettably, Jell-O is really a brand)
Noodle (Brainiacs could be amusing)
Orange (Oreo could be better!)
Quince (Whitened males can’t jump / Risk!)
RockyRoad (uhoh, bad foreshadowing!)
Taffee (Twinkee!)
UDC (upside-lower-cake)
Christmas Snacks?
Zebra Cake

As you can tell I tied to the dessert-ant theme however i suppose you can use a far more general &ldquofood&rdquo direction or perhaps go elsewhere. The Android dev branch naming pattern is much like those of severe weather each year&hellip and both of them are on the road to destroy something that is available in its way!

For actual &ldquopractical&rdquo understanding, Jean-Baptiste Queru imparts that here all over again in another thread on the internet Groups:

Here’s the present situation:

-in every &ldquocode&rdquo repository:

release-1. may be the branch for 1. because it was initially launched. It ought to be considered read-only (i.e. we do not normally accept distribution in it).
cdma-import may be the branch which was utilized by Teleca (part of OHA) to operate on CDMA support in Android. read-only.
cupcake may be the branch that follows the cupcake source tree that is available inside Google. it’s read-only.
donut may be the branch for that first named project after cupcake. Will still be while being setup. Right now will still be just like cupcake. We may accept limited contributions in it sooner or later later on (once we transition from the model that people employed for cupcake).master may be the branch for those projects after donut. We accept contributions in it.

android-1. tags the initial 1. code drop.
android-sdk-1.5-pre tags the 1.5 preview SDK. It is the open-source area of the exact source which was accustomed to build the SDK, so you can use it e.g. to complement stack traces
android-1.5 tags the state 1.5 release from the Android Open-Source Project. It’s the one which should be utilised by people porting Android 1.5 to products.

-inside the &ldquomanifest&rdquo repository:

you will find exactly the same branches as with the &ldquocode&rdquo databases, which indicate the matching branches in most the code databases.
you will find branches for android-1.5 and android-sdk-1.5-pre, which indicate the matching tags in most the code databases (individuals need to be branches being an artifact of how repo presently works).
you will find exactly the same tags as with the &ldquocode&rdquo databases.

That’s it&hellip a bit more info on the Donut, the naming pattern, plus some fun guesses in the future dev branches! Now you ask ,, if Google comes with an extra-large statue of every dev branch made, will google’s Campus start looking pervertedly much like Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch?

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