Android restore apps after rom


I used to have a DInc 2 and would regularly flash new ROMs so I have seen what I’m describing happen many times.

Basically, whenever I would flash a new ROM and go through the setup of my Google account when I first booted the phone would start to automatically download all apps associated with my account. I always wondered why people used Titanium Backup because I never had to manually download all of my apps. Then, I would just use my backup of Nova Launcher after all apps had downloaded and my home screens would be exactly how I had them. The only thing that would be a pain is that I would have to re-sign into some apps.

However, I haven’t found that this process happens with my GNex that I purchased used. I flashed Jelly Belly (this is the first ROM I’ve flashed FWIW) and my apps were not automatically downloaded as I was used to. I had to go into the Play Store on the web and hit install on every app I wanted.

Any idea if there is a way to get the process I had on my DInc2 to happe on the GNex? I looked through the settings and all I could find was an option to restore settings to apps, but nothing to automatically download all apps associated with the device.

Is it because I have multiple devices associated with my account and the Play Store doesn’t know which ones to download? I have a Revue, DInc2, Nexus 7, and then two GNex’s (the first one I bought used had horrible screen burn in and was returned to seller). If that is the problem, is there a way to disassociate a device from my Play Store account? I looked through the options but all I could find was to hide the device from the list of devices to install to.

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