Android right-click in web browser


Has anybody found an Android based browser that enables copied right clicking? I have investigated this on my small Toshiba Thrive while using Android versions of Opera, Chrome, Opera, and DolphinHD, using both a stylus along with a three button mouse. To date, none of those browsers appear to aid the right click which will mention exactly the same menus which may be utilized on a single website utilizing the same (non-android versions) of the identical browsers from the PC. Recption menus that pops up rather (having a lengthy press from the stylus/finger or perhaps a right click in the mouse) around the android tablet is rather the android menu for choosing text, opening a picture, or saving a picture.

There needs to be an android browser available that better looks like the right click your personal computer….. right? Because of anybody that may offer some guidance.
I’d exactly the same problem. I’ve got a local NAS device having a web interface that needs RIGHT-CLICK to activate certain options featuring. This is exactly what I discovered via Lengthy-PRESS
– defaut browser: choice to choose text, save as…. Not exactly what the Home windows PC browser does. [menu to select from.
– Dolphin: usual dolphin options, gesture, choose text, etc.
– Opera Small: will not even load NAS web site, non-starter
– Opera: Normal right-click menu seems!! Slightly odd timing, however, just one to “get the job doneInch

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