Android riichi mahjong



Japanese (riichi) mahjong (麻雀) game in line with the anime Saki (咲).

メニューボタン -> Options -> 日本語

– 20 figures and eight special forces in line with the series
– Statistics to keep an eye on your speed and agility
– British and Japanese support

– Automatically you discard by dragging the tile to the middle of the screen (the whitened area in the center of the table or even the area underneath it where your discards is going to be placed). This is often transformed either to double tap or slide in the configurations menu
– Other buttons react to single taps

– If you work with on the device having a more compact screen and have trouble seeing the tiles, try activating “Simplified Tiles” within the configurations menu
– Yaku names have been in romanized Japanese automatically. You are able to change these to the British names within the configurations menu by unchecking “Romanji Yaku”

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