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If you want the app, obtain the in-app purchase to aid it’s development, and you will receive text-to-speech support for jokes, along with a more dark theme too! If you want Sickipedia, support them by going to their website and purchasing a t-shirt!

Look At This BEFORE Leaving comments/Contacting ME, For That Passion For ALL That’s HOLY AND GOOD!


So why do you update the app a lot? You are destroying my existence!
Holy entitlement batman! Nobody is forcing you to definitely update the app, whether it matches your needs, don’t update it for some time! There is nothing more annoying that investing in effort to repair problems people message me about, and implement additional features, then see comments where people really *complain* concerning the work i am investing in, for any mainly free app believe it or not!

Enjoy your 1 star, you destroyed my existence! Thanks, but could you explain why? Constructive critique could be helpful, and when i’ve no clue *what* your condition is by using the brand new version, how do i possibly make an effort to repair it?

I can not purchase TTS/the more dark theme? Make certain the app is around the latest version also it should work, google’s Play app can be very finnicky about things like that. Failing that, message me your log file please!

How do you take away the filters? Lengthy press around the category that’s strained striking unblock. Or hit Menu -> Obvious filters. If you cannot comprehend these simple instructions (which are also given to you once the app first runs) i quickly claim that this app is not for you personally, while you might be illiterate :(

My groups aren’t working, but normal jokes are? Enter in the groups view striking refresh then repeat the process.

The font dimensions are too large/small! We have an option within the menu to improveOrreduce it around you would like.

I can not open the app unless of course i visit the market page! Your system is rubbish, try removing/re-installing the sickipedia app and restarting your device.

My widget is dead? Try restarting your tool and re-adding the widget, it *should* work still! Also make certain the app has not been gone to live in the Sdcard!

That old app was better/you suck! Cheers, however it wasn’t better, it had been damaged, did not make use of the more recent android libraries, did not support tablet designs, and was ugly. It might have been marginally better for older phones, and i’ll search out a hyperlink towards the old apk sooner or later for individuals people, but moving forward for more recent products this is a much better experience.

Latest version, virtually an entire rewrite, suitable for pills and phones, download at the peril! (Android 2.1 or more only, sorry folks).

For those who have any problems/issues, tell me (or hit the report bugs option within the app itself), however book world wide first to ascertain if it isn’t lower temporarily!

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