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Samsung Nexus S

Nexus S is generation x of Nexus products, co-produced by Google and Samsung. The most recent Android platform (Gingerbread), combined with single GHz Hummingbird processor and 16GB of memory, makes Nexus S among the quickest phones available on the market. It comes down pre-installed with the very best of Google applications and enabled with new and popular features like true multi-tasking, Wi-Fi hotspot, Internet Callling, NFC support, and full web surfing. With this particular device, customers may also be the first one to receive software upgrades and new Google mobile applications the moment they become available.



TechCrunch, Engadget, SlashGear
Samsung Nexus S review

Pros & Cons

Contour Display
Near Area Communications
Three-axis gyroscope
Anti-fingerprint display coating
Internet Calling support

No Sdcard

Tips & Methods

Superboot XXJK8 – rooting the Nexus S
Full Update Guide



Where you can Buy

BestBuy, Carphone Warehouse


AndroidForums – XDA Designers – MoDaCo


Can there be any difficulty with Gps navigation?
Almost everyone has reported their Gps navigation to become functioning all right, though there has been a great deal of variation on lock occasions.

There is no Brought Indicator?
Correct, like several Samsung products(without the Epic 4G on Sprint) so far, there’s no Brought indicator light. You will find applications, for example NoLED, around the marketplace which work great around the Nexus S and supply pretty much exactly the same functionality.

Why have my Wi-fi compatability/3rd generation/Signal bars switched from eco-friendly to whitened?
A eco-friendly group of bars typically means that you’re linked to and syncing using the Google Account servers. Whitened implies that this isn’t happening for reasons uknown, usually something similar to a poor signal or low coverage area.

Even the Wi-fi compatability connection is placed automatically to show itself off(also known as sleep mode) once the screen is off, this is often modified under Configurations > Wireless & Systems > Wi-Fi Configurations > Menu Key > Advanced > Wi-Fi Sleep Policy. Don’t stress, though, it’s nothing too major. (Recommended by mmas0n, thanks!)

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