Android skype bluetooth microphone


Simple Trick to make use of Bluetooth on SKYPE Calls with Android Device

This TRICK I’ve personally attempted using Samsung Universe Skyrocket S2 to make use of my bluetooth however i discovered exactly the same problem, I even got AD2P bluetooth headset wishing to make use of bluetooth headset when utilizing skype but large disappointment when my media seem work perfectly but throughout skype call, it simply connect but does not work. And So I handled to trick skype audio (ensuring bluetooth has already been paired and connected.)
This works best for me however it still uses the products mic not the bluetooth. Examined on my small Samsung universe skyrocket S2 using AD2P bluetooth headset (Motorola HX550). I attempted the standard bluetooth (non AD2P and it doesn’t work)

#1 exiting skype on task manager

#2 plug the headset/mic within the jack (to trick skype that’s is applying the headset)

#3 now create a skype call ( you are able to unplug the headset once you discover it ringing under headset *icon headset and it shouldn’t reveal that your skype call is on bluetooth mode, it ought to be on earpiece *icon once headset is unplug )

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