Android slow loading home screen


fixing a slow loading android home screen

I’ve this Android phone also it rocks. It rocks since it is clever and fast also it enables me to does all of this neato geek stuff I really like a lot. However I press my home button also it takes the damn factor 6 seconds to show my home screen symbols. The backdrop image can there be immediately.

However it takes the home screen 6 seconds (or 7) to load all of the symbols and icons. 6 seconds in Hell should you request me! This occurs each time I exit the browser, or Tweetdeck, or other of individuals lovely nerdy applications I run. 6 bloody seconds which turns this awesome bit of technology into something which makes you need to throw it from the nearest brick wall and find out it explode right into a shower of small blinking silicone and glass contaminants.

Well, not. It is a tad costly to achieve that.
What exactly was I to complete? Root my phone? Use a custom ROM? Hard factory totally reset? Make use of a different launcher? All this needs time to work, work and removes your individual configurations, which blows. So off and away to some Searching to try and discover what’s leading to the dreaded delays before we all do anything drastic.

I soon emerged with 3 possible causes:

I moved some applications towards the Sdcard lately. SD cards read reduced than RAM.
The Icons. It certainly is the damn icons right? Individuals little CPU hogging bitches!?
Something fishy with memory management.

Sounds vague this 4g iphone does not it? I emerged with this after reading through somewhere the Android OS leaves applications in memory as lengthy as it can certainly (so that they load blindingly fast once began), but when it runs lacking memory it kills a &ldquorandom&rdquo application. I am unsure how random this really is, but my idea was when the Launcher application will get wiped out for the advantage of another thing, that will explain the slow loading. In the end, any time you hit that home button it loads icons, symbols and folders you put on your multi-page home-screen into memory on your own.

I made the decision to check this by killing (also known as removing) a lot of (oh the irony!) performance tuning/monitoring applications that went as services on my small not-so-awesome-any longer phone. Inside your Android Configurations menu goto Programs > Service to determine what ones are running and just how much memory they consume. Quite a bar towards the bottom also shows your phone’s available memory. I did not have lots of eco-friendly inside, and so i figured that could be it.

Works out I had been right. After removing the help and clearing up a lot of memory I’d came back the awesome! My home screen was showing up instantly after pressing the home button and scrolled easily right and left at each flick of my thumb.

So be careful with individuals memory guzzling services folks, they are able to turn your sweet phone into a bit of useless junk very quickly.

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