Android smileys on iphone



An wordpress plugin which allow you to send funny Emoji symbols to iPhone or Android phones

GO SMS Professional Emoji wordpress plugin, allow you to send funny emoji symbols to iPhone or Android phones with GO SMS Professional and it is Emoji wordpress plugin.
Observe that the emoji are sent by SMS, need no MMS.

&hearts&hearts&hearts Direction&hearts&hearts&hearts
Please read carefully. Thanks.

1. To higher use Emoji, please improve your GO SMS Professional to version v4.67(or even the latest), and install a tight schedule SMS Professional Emoji wordpress plugin.

2. Should you send emoji to Android phone, please make certain the readers also provide had GO SMS Professional and GO SMS Professional Emoji wordpress plugin installed, to ensure that emoji can be shown properly within their phones.

3. Should you send emoji to iPhone, the recipient do not need to install any wordpress plugin.

4. Emoji encoding configurations is within GO SMS Pro’s Configurations&mdashApplication Configurations&mdashEmoji encoding configurations.

5. TO input emoji, visit compose message UI, and press paper clip bottom.

&hearts&hearts&hearts Problems Overcome&hearts&hearts&hearts
– If ur getting an issue where Android customers can’t call at your Emoji, visit GO SMS Professional Configurations > Application Configurations > Emoji Encoding Configurations & choose GO SMS. Which will enable Android customers whom you text to visit your Emoji. THESE ANDROID Customers Should Have GO SMS Professional AND GO SMS EMOJI WordPress plugin INSTALLED ON THEIR DEVICE, When They DONT, THEY WONT Call At Your EMOJI.

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