Android super nintendo emulator roms



SuperGNES the Super Nintendo emulator that provides the entire console experience.

The premier Super Nintendo emulator! Developed in the ground-up to provide the quickest play possible. Easily locate and play your preferred game titles by checking your phone, viewing your listing of installed ROMs filled with cover art. Save your valuable progress anytime and return instantly to in which you left off, because of a fast save condition system. An enormous database of Game Genie&trade and Professional Action Replay&trade codes models from the package to provide the best SNES emulation experience.

&bull Quickest emulation, best game compatibility
&bull Ultra-fast SuperFX core support for enjoying StarFox & Yoshi’s Island
&bull SA1 nick support for Mario RPG, Kirby, and much more
&bull Network multiplayer using Wi-fi compatability or Bluetooth
&bull Clever interface
&bull On-screen multitouch controls with optional rumble feedback
&bull Advanced layout editor for on-screen controls
&bull Custom display size and orientation
&bull Auto-picks up games and shows cover art
&bull Custom control mapping
&bull Save games with screen shot
&bull 1000′s of cheats (Professional Action Replay&trade, Game Genie&trade)
&bull In-game GameFAQs&trade integration
&bull Fast-forward games using turbo skip
&bull Support for SMC, FIG, SFC, ZIP, and 7z formats
&bull Useful and responsive customer support

See FAQ or Game Compatibility List at

No game game titles are incorporated. Please obtain self produced copies of rightfully possessed physical tubes to be used with SuperGNES.

** Actual SNES emulation designers. SuperGNES is frequently up-to-date and supported. **

LEGAL: The product isn’t associated with, nor approved, endorsed or licensed by any means by Nintendo Corporation, its affiliate marketers or subsidiaries. Super Nintendo game offered individually. “Super Nintendo” is really a registered trademark of Nintendo Corporation. “Nintendo” is really a registered trademark for that Nintendo Corporation. All individual games screen shots or audio which are simulated by SuperGNES software are property of the particular copyright holders and therefore are an endeavor solely for Bubble Zap Games with regards to telling the client from the software’s functionality.

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