Android superuser apk


This informative guide assumes you’ve got a working Android SDK installation.
If you want to do the installation visit step two also it informs you all you need to install.

I’ve only carried out this on my small Cruz R101 Ereader, however it should work with other pills.
Why would i would like to root it by doing this and never use MachoMan’s rom?
1. The primary reason is the fact that MachoMan’s rom will not let me connect with Wireless systems that don’t broadcast a SSID.

Step One. http://forum.xda-dev…ad.php?t=682828
Step Two. Extract Superuser.apk and su in the zip file to c:su
Step Three. Connect the readers for your PC
Step Three. From the command window type adb spend. You need to certainly be in a # prompt
Step Four. Paste within the following instructions:
a) mount -o rw,remount -t ext3 /dev/block/mmcblk1p21 /system
B) sync
c) exit
Step Five. Paste the next instructions within the command prompt:
a) adb push c:susu /system/bin/su
:) adb push c:suSuperuser.apk /system/application/Superuser.apk
c) adb spend reboot

Your device will reboot.

Setting up Busybox: If everything labored properly you need to now have the ability to download the busybox installer(BusyBox
by Stephen (Stericson)) from one of the numerous online databases.

When you install the busybox installer proceed and open the applying and click on install. It ought to say Done! Exit the installer.

You have root and busybox.

So what can I actually do now? Now you can use one of the numerous root only applications for example TitaniumBackup or Root explorer. Your Cruz ereader has become yours!

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