Android theft alarm


Get PRO for FREE! Be one of the first 50 to email us at and we will provide you a link to try out our new, unreleased Pro version absolutely FREE! All we ask is some quick feedback on the quality of the app and its functions. Please include your device type when emailing. Good Luck!

Catch the sneaky bastards trying to snoop on your phone with Anti Theft Alarm! Do your asshole friends hack your Facebook status when you leave the room? Does your girlfriend read all your texts when you take a shower? With Anti Theft Alarm, thieves and up-to-no-gooders are greeted with a loud car alarm!


Motion Activated Alarm
Adjustable Sensitivity
Password Protected Unlock
2 Unique Skins
Alarm Activation Delay Control
Alarm Deactivation Delay Control
Price: FREE!

If you like Anti Theft Alarm, check out Anti Theft Alarm Pro! Includes all the features above plus:

6 Unique Skins!
Receive an Email with a Photo of the Snooper!
Choose your own Alarm Sound!

If you are experiencing problems with the app, please let us know at:

Have Fun!

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