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Theme maker software?

I previously had a rim curve few years ago and that i were built with a theme maker software i did previously create custom styles for that phone. Wondered if there is anything similar for that dx? Is it necessary to possess the phone rooted and managing a rom to set up the theme? Everything i’ve discovered requires you to definitely be managing a custom rom. I’m running the .621 OTA update. I attempted flashing my phone to milestone x and screwed radio stations up and wound up bricking it looking to get it to stock. Sooo im kinda reluctant to test anything again next. If anybody might help i’d be thankful.

for that theme part. It simply is dependent how thorough you would like the theme.. you can aquire a new launcher.. get different styles… different launchers provide you with the capability to mix styles together..
but when your have to have one that’s complete… and styles just about everything.. Ya… you will need to root and toss in a custom rom..
So far as really making by the styles.. the only method I understand to create one.. is by hand..

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Theming isn’t any easy task. For creating a theme, no you don’t have to become rooted to create a theme for any custom launcher. Yes you have to be stuck to theme anything else. I make our images in Adobe Illustrator, i personally use eclipse to construct my Go Launcher, and apex launcher styles. I build my theme engine styles by hand with apk tool, Illustrator, and notepad plus. You’ll need too possess the android sdk installed and to run eclipse but for the draw 9 patch tool to patch all of the .9.png’s. There’s no good way to help make your own theme. Even when you do not custom make original art, still it takes hrs upon hrs to paint edit png’s and alter xml codes. But simply do a google search and YouTube to enable you to get began. Then it is virtually understanding the android system and all sorts of programs you should utilize to do this. And when you haven’t used Illustrator before, it will likely be a lengthy and hard chance to learn. But it is do able without a doubt. You will find many people available which will help and a lot of info on the internet. You are uncomfortable with rooting and flashing roms. Remain on stock making Go Launcher, or ADW launcher styles. Peace..

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