Android time lapse camera app


Android Photography Apps: Time-Lapse

There are many different types of android photo apps including time-lapse, which will make it really easy to take fantastic photos. Because there are so many different photo apps available, you will need to spend time comparing all of the different options so you can put your mobile phone to use. If you ever experience any trouble taking photos using your phone, then you can improve this by using apps like Time Lapse.

These apps can be searched through using the Android Market place. Many of these are free and even the paid ones are reasonably priced, which makes it easy and affordable to put new apps on your phone.
What Is It?

If you’re a fan of photography and like to use your Android phones camera, then you might find it very annoying that it doesn’t feature a time lapse feature. Fortunately, this is very simple to add onto almost any phone by simply installing this piece of software onto your android powered mobile phone.

This is a time lapse app, which makes it possible to set different intervals from 1 second right up to 60 minutes. It’s also possible to set different frame rates and adjust the resolutions.

All of the videos are stored on a memory card in quick time format. This makes it easy to play it on virtually anything you want. It’s also very easy to share your videos online or by burning them onto DVD if you prefer.
Why Would You Want It?

There are plenty of reasons why anyone would want to use this application with their phone. It’s possible to edit the photos on the phone and then share them instantly, or if you prefer you can download them onto a computer for more editing and then upload them when you get a chance.

Nothing is perfect, and this app is no different. Unfortunately, this app does not allow you manual control over various settings including ISO, exposure and white balance.
Making Full Use of the App

If you want to make even better use of the app, then you will find that the Gorilla mobile mini tripod will make a welcome addition. This is a fantastic way to keep your camera steady so that you can take great photos which aren’t blurred.

The application costs $1.99, which does make it a fairly expensive app compared to some others. However, this one works very well and offers some unique features. It’s very stable and makes your camera do something that it couldn’t do before. Time lapse is a wonderful feature which is a welcome addition since it is really easy to add with this software.
Ease of Use

The software is really easy to use because once it is installed, it will start working right away. You can open the app and then use it to record your own time lapse videos in a variety of different resolutions and formats. The resolution can be from standard right up to high definition formats if your phone’s camera is up to it.

This is a very capable little application which is perfect for anyone who wants to add additional features to their phone’s camera.

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