Android time lapse photo app



Capture high resolution images at an interval and have exact control over the resulting images with the following settings:

– photo resolution
– photo quality
– white balance
– scene mode
– color effect
– focus mode
– flash mode
– geotagging
– storage location
– optional capture limit
– and of course the interval

The resulting images can be transformed into a time-lapse video on a computer (how-to video available on my website). Besides the settings a lot of features are worth mentioning too:

– full screen preview
– media scanning
– proper file management
– disabled shutter sound (if supported by the device)
– robust and stable performance
– keeps capturing while the screen is off (unstable on Android 4)

This latest version has been a complete rewrite and although I did my best to test every aspect of it I am not able to test it on every device. If anything is not working properly for you please help improve the app by letting me know (preferable by email so I can respond).

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