Android titanium backup pro apk

Titanium backup team release new Titanium Backup Professional 5.6. on the internet Play. Titanium backup professional presently have over 6.5 million customers. This android application can backup, restore, freeze your applications + data + Market links. Including all protected applications & system applications, plus exterior data in your Sdcard. You are able to schedule your backup copies. Backup copies will operate without closing any applications. You are able to move any application or application data to/in the Sdcard. You are able to browse any app’s data as well as query the marketplace to determine more information concerning the application. Should you still don’t root you android device then root your android device came from here, it is simple process.

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Now Titanium Backup Professional can restore applications/data from ADB backup file (ADB means Android Debug Bridge. It comes down as part of the conventional Android SDK, it possesses a terminal-based interface for getting together with your phone’s file system). These backup copies can be created *without* root on Android 4.+ with “adb backup” from the computer, and could be restored with TB after you have root.
Enhanced “Market Physician” and “Pressure attach” to correctly repair some damaged links that formerly needed “Destroy all Market links”.
Interface enhancements & fixes.
Up-to-date translations.
batch reinstates in -click
Keep multiple backup copies per application (you are able to store previous versions of the identical application)
Applications freezer
Multi-user application data
you are able to secure Titanium Backup Professional with password
Dropbox sync
system applications <=> Convert user applications
Integrate system application updates into ROM
Backup applications without closing them
Market Physician
Market &ldquoauto upgrading&rdquo manager (Should you hate latest version of google play, you are able to pause automatic upgrading)
&ldquoDestroy all Market links&rdquo feature
Dalvik cache cleaner (dalvik-cache is caused by dalvik carrying out a optimisation from the running program. Sounds confusing. It’s like the prefetch files in Home windows)
Restore individual applications+data from TWRP backup copies
Limitless agendas
CSV export any application DB
Safeguard backup against deletion
Integrate Dalvik cache system elements into ROM
Send backup by e-mail

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