Android tom player



TOM player is a simple, intuitive design, above and beyond media player. Elegant design and intuitive interface allows you to browse through your media more swiftly than ever. Fast scrolling on the right side of your music quickens your music searching. Not only TOM Player is easy but it also have essential features that other music player does not have. One of the unique features is adding lyric to your music file. You can save lyrics to your music file and absorb full experience of the music you love! There are 9 different types of equalizer settings for you to choose and have optimized music experience. Do not worry about converting music, because TOM Player supports all media file types. You can browse through all your music and videos and one app. Ringtone and timer features are also bundled with TOM Player.

Trail Version is free for 15 days. See related apps to download TOM Player Full Version.

Key Features
– Supports adding lyric to music file via Internet (Google, Yahoo, Daum, Naver)
– Highly optimized graphical equalizer with 9 preset genres
– Easy navigation through folders and libraries
– Fast scrolling
– 2 beautiful widgets
– Automatic Headset play / pause
– Able to set up ringtone with a selected part of your music

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