Android tools project site


The Developer Tools for Android are now being developed entirely on view and it is accepting contributions. About this site you’ll find details about the project, building the various tools, how you can lead, etc…
The Android Tools is composed of numerous tools:

Eclipse plug ins
Edit, compile and debug support for Android projects, including code completion on Android assets
Visual editors for designs and manifest files
Integrated perspective for hierarchy viewer, ddms (see below), etc.
Begin to see the Screenshots page for many good examples.
SDK & AVD Manager – download SDK components, create AVD, create Ant-based projects
Hierarchyviewer – evaluate the hierarchy of sights within an application
ddms – monitor a telephone or emulator, grab screenshots, view memory usage, etc
Command line tools

Starter information

Please make reference to the state site to set up and employ the present public release.
Our download page will later on contain download connect to milestone develops, beta versions and perhaps more frequent develops.
To supply feedback (via e-mail, forums, bug reviews, etc), begin to see the Feedback page.
To discover our plans, begin to see the Roadmap page.
Our current release status is referred to within the Release Status page.


To construct the various tools from source, begin to see the Build Overview page.
To lead towards the tools, begin to see the Adding page.
Features we’re wishing to obtain contributions for are indexed by our wishlist.
To assist us improve alternative development conditions for Android, begin to see the Options page.

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