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15 Space Strategy Games for the Android Device

Android proprietors were most likely beginning to obtain worried to determine only iOS Apple (iPad, apple iphone) space strategy game game titles being featured wide Sector. Well, relaxation ensure that you will find a great couple of real-time, turn-based, casual 4X, action and tower defense space strategy games readily available for your Android device too.

I put together a listing of 15 game titles. Their list is really a sample of the greatest space strategy games readily available for Android phones knowing in the games explanations, reading user reviews, screenshots and videos alone. Bear in mind which i don’t own (yet) an Android device and so i couldn’t test the games myself. Although the majority of the games are for Android phones some could also focus on Android pills too, check up on the games description for your information.

Enjoy exploring and overcoming the world inside your Android! Tell me should you performed one of these simple game titles already. Also, should there be one title that you simply think ought to be within this list please just bring it up inside your comment below.

The games are sorted in no particular order.
Star Armada

Star Armada is really a lately launched space-based real-time strategy game in which you explore deep space, establish planet bases, research upgrades and make and command your fleet to eliminate the enemy.


Multiple ship types – Fighter, Destroyer, Battlecruiser and also the fearsome Dreadnought

At random produced space maps and AI tactics

Personalize ship weapons and ship orders – engagement, focusing on, damage control and energy priority

Ships gain XP points for progressing as much as better classes for enhanced characteristics

Build energy resource, ship generation and weapons research facilities

Pills supported.

CalactiConquer is yet another lately launched action-strategy real-time space title. The aim would be to colonize all of the habitable planets within the universe. You will have to build mining facilities around the non-habitable planets then sell the mineral inside your colonized planets.


Make use of your gained money to grow your colonies

You’re not alone within the world, as well as your planets is going to be assaulted from your opponents, so you’ll have to upgrade the ship and it is weapons

Game implements real physics so that your space ship is going to be drawn to planets and stars

Full version provides:

– No advertising, all ship upgrades can be found, all universe dimensions and hard levels available, HD Graphics, bigger planets and ships.
Asteroid Defense 2

Asteroid Defense 2 is really a tower defense space game. It’s an evolution from the original Asteroid Defense title that has a lot more than 300 reading user reviews and 100.000 games offered. Asteroid Defense I and II appear to be really popular Android game titles.


Vivid awe-strucking graphics which will amaze you

Great game play, develop your personal strategy and tactics

Campaign mode (Earth, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Kuiper’s Belt)

Survival mode with global leaderboard and accomplishments with

Your game is instantly saved so that you can play again later.

Galcon is much more suited to a higher-paced action-strategy experience. You essentially send your ships to nearby planets as quickly as you are able to to defeat enemy planets and conquer the world. You are able to play online against other gamers too.


Equip your parking space stations with blaster lasers, cell, shields and freeze cannons

Safeguard your command center away all incoming asteroid waves

Infinite mode game play

Beat other gamers and set your title on the global leaderboard and accomplishments

Share the application on twitter, facebook along with other

Fun and challenging for children and grown-ups.
Fight for Mars

Fight for Mars is really a space turn-based strategy game occur &hellip Mars :) The overall game appears to become fairly popular knowing from the amount of reading user reviews (1195) and enables multiplayer.


Turn-based strategy game play

Support for online multiplayer. Each game might have as much as four gamers

Use soldiers, robots, hovercraft and spaceships to fight 3 enemy alien races

Fight within the mountain tops, forests and also at ocean

17 unit types,

6 building types

13 quick maps and 12 map campaign
Space STG 2 – Dying Rain

Space STG 2 is really a liberated to play real-time space strategy game. It’s the continuation of it is extremely popular predecessor Space STG.


Explore photo voltaic systems

Manage metropolitan areas, develop technology along with a create space fleet

40 missions in scenario (1 special surprise mission) + limitless quick missions

8 ships with (ex. Transporter, Fighter, MotherShip)

8 upgrades of ships (ex. shoots from distance to planet)

7 special technology (ex. nuclear missile, electrical storm)

7 technologies (ex. turn in time, tunnel, enemy confusion)

There’s an STG 2 version for pills.
Photo voltaic Wars

Photo voltaic Wars is really a liberated to play turn-based space strategy game. The aim would be to conquer all planets into the spotlight. To get this done you have to send fleets to enemy planets.


Turn-based strategy game play

Choose your planet and make fleets

Choose fleets and send these to enemy planets

Starting with one planet. Each turn you’ll increase ships on your planets

Purpose of the overall game would be to conquer all planets into the spotlight

Winning with 1-2 AI gamers is simple, attempt to win with 9 opponents!
Command Crisis

Command Crisis is really a liberated to play space-based massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game (MMORTS). You will find both PvP and PvE against a non-player character (NPC) that looks like a person.


MMO real-time strategy game play

Build protection, ships, deploy models

Pick your character class and gain special capabilities. Work alone or having a team inside an alliance

Play online, on facebook, android along with other mobile web products

In-game tutorial, help and FAQ

Use within-game credits to purchase assets and ships

Galactic Empires

Galactic Empires is really a liberated to play real-time action-strategy MMO game. You commence with only one undeveloped world and continue after that and turn that right into a galactic empire.


Various missions: espionage, attacking other ships, moving assets and cropping

Gamers might have armadas of spaceships

Alliances allow gamers to band together for defense and free trade

Can research technology to enhance models and protection

Three assets for gamers to hoard: very, deuterium, and metal

Ranking system that shows the very best gamers
Space Squadron

Space Squadron is really a turn-based space strategy game that you command a top-notch squadron of martial artists. You have to devise a panic attack plan, set your moves, time the firing of the weapons, then finish the turn watching occasions unfold in tangible-time.


Proper turn-based game play

7 friendly ship classes from turrets to heavy assault ships, 11 enemy classes

Use cannons, rockets and homing missiles

10 level campaign with growing difficulty and mission duration. Hrs of action

Several mission types. Convoy assault/escort, base assault/defense and skirmishes

Earn medals and promotions.
War Path

War Path appears to become a pretty complex real-time space strategy game. You are able to explore, exploit, build, fight, mine and trade.


Real-time strategy game play in single-player or with as many as four gamers online

Explorable universe of planets to become used for assets, colonized or subjugated

Develop planets through purchase of agriculture, defense, industry, education, mining and space pier

Equip your ship with shields, coffee pods, and weapons by shopping on friendly planets

Opens additional weapons and upgrades with tech enhancements

Dogfight along with other ships or fight planets directly with tanks
Star Fight

Star Fight is really a liberated to play action-strategy game in which you battle to conquer the World. All planets generate ships and gamers may use their ships to obtain other planets. Get all planets and kill all enemy fleets.


Real-time action-strategy game play

Generate ships in your planets and employ these ships to obtain other planets as quickly as possible

Defend, expand and reinforce your planets

Get all planets and kill all enemy fleets

Extremely fast games in harder levels

The main one, who first colonize all enemy’s planets and ensures the enemy doesn’t have more rockets wins the fight!
Space Station Frontier

Space Station Frontier is really a tower defense space strategy game. You have to mine asteroids, harvest energy and make your protection to be able to survive the alien onslaught.


Construct weaponry & mining tools utilizing an intuitive tower-defence style interface

Design & energy huge systems of structures, then reduce the chances of alien assault

Earn upgrades & opens for the Space Station to improve its energy and capabilities

Benefit from the story-based campaign mode or among the freeform endless modes

Online leaderboards & with a lot of accomplishments to earn

Includes tablet layout/HD support for capable products.
Space Uncharted

Space Uncharted is really a liberated to play space-based Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) strategy game. Games occur over several days to at least one-2 several weeks.


Gamers colonize planets, construct structures, create fleets of ships, explore the universe, form alliances with buddies, & conquer other enemies’ territory

Each game supports 1000′s of gamers within the same universe

Space Uncharted runs gradually to permit gamers to select actions carefully and collaborate with allies. Each game may take several days to some month, so gamers only need sign in on their own progress a couple of occasions each day

In-game, email, and/or txt notices warn you of unfolding occasions, for example finding new planets or just being assaulted

Full stats along with a visual timeline from the map from each completed game plus an overall player leaderboard are published on our website.
Galactic Conquest

Galactic Conquest is really a turn-based space strategy game, like Risk or Axis & Allies. Produce ships at the planets and employ individuals ships for improving planets and attacking your competitors.


Capture planets by dragging the chosen quantity of ships to transmit to that particular planet

Each planet you capture will disclose adjacent planets, if you will find any. Soon you’ll encounter other ambitious souls trying to consider within the World

Fortify our planets and upgrade their radar capability to greater levels

Build radar stations to watch enemy movement and see weak points.

You are able to conduct research once per turn.

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