Android universal remote control infrared


Irdroid&trade universal remote control for Android

Irdroid is really a universal infrared remote control for mobile phones, pills along with other products, dealing with google’s Android operating-system. To control your favourite TV, STB or DVD, you have to download the Irdroid Application for Android and also to buy a Irdroid module.. The Irdroid application can be obtained for download in the Android Market and from Appslib (for android pills) The greatest advantage of Irdroid is it works with the LIRC project by which database, you will find lots of supported equipment vendor’s a few of the famous are Samsung, The new sony, Motorola, LG, Panasonic, Philips and lots of, a lot more (see here – > http://lirc.sourceforge.internet/remote controls/).Another advantage for that Public would be that the Irdroid application is free of charge, free and also the source code obtainable from http://world wide


Free and free application and open hardware module
Offered by Android Market,AppsLib
Inexpensive Irdroid infrared module
Plug and play design
Extended remote control range – 10+ meters
Small Dimensions 17&times43,2 mm
Design in line with the principle Hug (Make it simple stupid!)

Irdroid v1.

Irdroid v1.

The Irdroid module may be used using the following Applications for Android:

Irdroid – Obviously the state application
PhotoIRmote – PhotoIRmote is really a Digital slr Remote Timer Controller for android.
Androlirc – A port of LIRC (Linux Infrared remote Control) for Android
Coversal – Unified Remote control
AIRC- Native Android Port of LIRC (source code available).

Exterior Hardware Compatibility:

Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver – Irdroid detached out of your phone and available via bluetooth find out more here.

You’re Android Developer and you need to make use of the Irdroid source code for custom application? Not a problem, take a look
The Irdroid software and hardware are free, licensed under GPL 2., but also for Commercial reasons using the Irdroid brand is susceptible to a payment of merely one time license fee

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