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Having Problems with running Skype on the MK802 Android 4.0 Mini PC?
The MK802 Android 4.0 Mini PC is a great gadget to upgrade your HDTV into a Skype device….if you can get it to work properly that is. The quest to get the proper software and hardware setup in order for Skype to work has been challenging to say the least.

The perplexing thing about the MK802 Mini PC and Skype is that Skype is one of the apps that comes preloaded on the unit. However, the MK802 Mini PC does not come with either a built-in microphone or video camera so how is the user expected to get Skype to work under such circumstances.

Unfortunately, the manufacturers of the MK802 Mini PC, Rikomagic, has not provided much information on this matter except for an announcement that the new version of the firmware has support for USB webcams.

The Rev2 Firmware was released in mid-July and users have been having varying degrees of success in getting USB webcams to work properly in Skype on the MK802 Mini PC.

This article is a step-by-step guide in setting up the MK802 Mini PC and an HDTV to function as a standalone Skype device. Currently there is no one single webcam that functions as a webcam and microphone so the setup is a little bit on the complicated side but I will do my best to make the steps as simple as possible.
I am happy to report that the above is no longer true. We have a user that has found a USB camera that works for both functions. Details in main article below.

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Mini MK802 Android 4.0 Google TV Box HD IPTV Player PC Allwinner A10 1G DDR3

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Rikomagic MK802 II New Generation Mini Android 4.0 PC Google TV Box HD IPTV Player

The new MK802 II comes in a brand new form factor which makes it easier connection to TV/Displays with a built-in full size HDMI connector located conveniently at the end of the device.

A newly redesigned ESD circuitry protects and eliminates ESD problems. An additional mini USB port has been added and the device now has a total of 3 USB ports while maintaining its incredibly compact form factor.

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