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Android-based video game console Ouya exceeds Kickstarter goal
This summer 11, 2012By Salvador Rodriguez
It required each day for Ouya, an Android-based video game console, to satisfy its goal on Kickstarter. Actually, Ouya has a lot more than tripled the objective.

The suggested project, which searched for $950,000 in funding from Kickstarter, has a lot more than $3 million midway through its first day around the fundraiser website but still has in regards to a month left to gather more income.
Ouya began a buzz Tuesday following the project was introduced. The beginning-up company, which shares its title using its console, really wants to bring the simplicity of developing game titles from mobile phones to Televisions by running on Android.

Upon its release, that is presently looking for March 2013, designers will have the ability to create games then sell them within the same fashion they are doing with Android products.

The particular device operates on a Tegra 3 quad-core processor, has 1 gigabyte of RAM and eight GB of storage. Ouya connects for your TV through High-definition multimedia interface and supports 1080p HD. It will likewise have Wi-fi compatability, Bluetooth, USB 2. and can have wireless remotes that appear to be much like individuals from the X-Box 360.

Ouya have a custom interface designed for the television, and it’ll run Android Frozen Treats Sandwich, that is one version behind Jelly Bean, the most recent form of Google’s operating-system.

The manufacturers of Ouya likewise want the console to be really hackable and say on its Kickstarter page the console and it is controls use regular screws to allow them to easily be opened up.

Having a tagline of “The revolution is going to be public,” Ouya has high goals. It’s off and away to a quick start, but even with the aid of Android, it most likely can be really hard for the brand new challenger to hack the video game market.

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