Android voice commands through bluetooth


Take control of your phone when you are driving your bike or perhaps your vehicle with no need to check and employ the screen! Start calls to contacts and amounts, send messages, be a musician, handle lost calls, unread messages and much more just with your voice.

You can begin Voice Control having a lengthy press on search button (for outfitted phones), using the eco-friendly button on application primary screen, or using the button for voice calls from the Hands-Free Android compatible bluetooth device.

Fully obtainable in: British and Italian.
Beta translations availables for: French, German, The spanish language, Russian and Chinese! (for translations errors, please get in touch in order to fix them)

The accessible voice actions and commands are:
– Call a message
– Compose several
– Send a note to some contact
– Pay attention to an audio lesson, a playlist, an album or all tunes from a painter (supports local phone media, and pay attention to a playlist, an album and also to all tunes from a painter works and it has been examined just with Google Very Good Music Player, PowerAMP, Music PlayerPro and Winamp)
– Manage lost calls
– Manage unread messages
– Start the navigation to some destination (really works just with Google Navigator)
– Steer clear of the navigator (might not works together with all Phones and form of Google Navigator)
– Start a credit card applicatoin
– Add a celebration to calendar (just for Italian, British, French, German and The spanish language, working happening for Russian)
– Add a security towards the phone (just for Italian, British, French, German and The spanish language, working happening for Russian)
– Help action do request so what can be stated
– Action to understand current time and date
– Execute tasks defined in Tasker application
– Listen for text replicated within the clipboard
– Create new notes with Evernote

Phrases recognized for each command could be personalized inside Voice Control options.

NOTE FOR SAMSUNG Universe S2 Proprietors: Samsung has dropped the compatibility with application that integrate with Bluetooth voice commands inside a standard way based on Android, forcing customers to make use of his internal Voice Command application. Which means that Voice Control is going to be not able to begin using Bluetooth device button until Samsung fix this.

For problems regarding bluetooth issues, license issues, Samsung Universe S2 incompatibilities, recognition problems yet others, please browse the “Know Problems” section within the online guide, accessible from site wiki or in the primary screen menu. For any other kind of problems please get in touch, thanks!

Before purchasing the entire version, you’re strongly urged to ensure the applying compatibility together with your phone, bluetooth tool and voice, setting up the disposable test version known as Voice Control Test.

The voice recognition technology used may be the one provided by the telephone (is frequently used Google Voice Search, but alternative voice recognition engines could be installed and used).
Voice Control attempts to correct all possible misinterpretations, however the precision and excellence of voice recognition is dependent around the used engine.
In addition, some engines could require a web connection (Google Voice Search requires it).

For those who have any question, trouble or advice please get in touch by email or forum, and don’t forget to have a look in the application site for latest news and info.
Please, I am spending so much time to be able to deserve 5 various stars, if you give an adverse rating explain why, or I’ll be not able to enhance Voice Control to suit your needs. Thanks!

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