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AWARD-WINNING Visual Voicemail, HulloMail&trade is the easiest method to read, play, manage, and share your voicemails for the Android

Mobile Industry Review, Business Week, CNET, The Telegraph, The Protector, The Independent, Irish Independent and TechCrunch

★ Honours ★
TAP 100 Finest Applications, Global Telecommunications Business, The Meffys, Red-colored Sardines Europe 100 and Global 200 Finalist and Tech Media Invest 100

★ NEW ★
Choice to buy Scribe&trade items – convert your voicemail to text so that you can read them directly within the application

★ Using the FREE app you are able to ★
✔ View, play and manage your voicemails within the application
✔ See information and photo
✔ Receive alerts of recent messages via Push Notification
✔ Receive alerts of skipped calls, whenever your phone is off or no network coverage via Push Notification
✔ Send a duplicate of the voicemail for your email
✔ Share a voicemail along with a Hullo via Facebook from the application
✔ Record a brief voice message, a ‘Hullo’, to transmit to buddies, family, yourself like a memo or like a answer a voicemail message
✔ Receive voicemails as much as 2.a few minutes long
✔ Buy items and upgrades in the In-App Store

1. Buy Scribe&trade items:
✔ Obtain The Gist&trade is really a fully automated Scribe&trade product which converts the very first ten seconds of the voicemail to text, permitting you to definitely read and obtain the gist from the message before you decide to listen!

2. Buy HulloMail&trade 12 months Subscription to unlock:
✔ Ad-Free service
✔ 65% cheaper prices for Scribe&exchange-App purchases
✔ Copy to Email – Instantly send every voicemail for your email
✔ Individual Greetings – Greet each connection with a personalised recording
✔ Share via Email – Share messages via email from the application
✔ Quick Reply Options – Reply by email and SMS from inside the application
✔ Access Control – Anti-hacking measures to secure your voicemails
✔ Longer Voicemails Up to five minutes long

★ SUPPORTED Service providers & Systems ★
United kingdom: Three, Orange, Vodafone and Vodafone One Internet, O2, T-Mobile, Talk Mobile, GiffGaff and O2 Simplicity
USA: AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, Cingular, Cellcom and Centennial Wireless
IRELAND: Three, O2, Vodafone, Meteor and Tesco Mobile

PAYG is supported ONLY on these systems
United kingdom: Three, GiffGaff and Talk Mobile
IRELAND: Tesco Mobile

★ UNSUPPORTED Service providers & Systems ★
United kingdom: Virgin Mobile and Tesco Mobile
USA: Boost Mobile

★ Worth Noting ★
▶ HulloMail is really a alternative voicemail service
▶ To be able to use HulloMail you have to register and make a merchant account
▶ Your company must support Call Sending for HulloMail to operate. Please speak to your company if you’re going through problems
▶ Your company may ask you for for Call Sending should you exceed your monthly call minute allowance or you are roaming
▶ Your company may charge for delivering a Hullo should you exceed your monthly data allowance or you are roaming
▶ Please visit our Roaming FAQ’s how HulloMail can help you save money when travelling abroad
▶ Becoming an automated process Obtain The Gist&trade might not be 100% accurate and can also introduce a small delay towards the receiving the voicemail message
▶ Vodafone in Ireland are presently excluding the price of Call Sending to HulloMail included in inclusive minutes. Please refer to them as directly with any problems, because this is from HulloMail’s control

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