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Where’s my default Android Wallpaper ?????
It has been lengthy very long time since i have up-to-date my blog … pretty busy with my companies latest and finest Android gaming device development. good enough of PRing my SEMC product :D.

Does anybody know in which the wallpapers are situated… directory?

This is actually the question i’ve observed in some and lengthy listing of threads didn’t yield worthwhile info .. i made the decision to consider a plunge and find out where exactly it had been hiding …. well it’s not large of deal knowing the place.

1. Wallpapers the thing is and pick are often bundled up with Launcher application and default wallpaper might participate it.

2. If default wallpaper isn’t a part of Launcher application assets, where’s it hiding ??

Response is, System picks up from following location

platform sourcecode – /system/frameworks/base/core/res/res/drawable/

For those who have device .. you’ll find it inside /system/framework/framework.jar ( open it up usinh winzip or winrar and appear inside res folder ).

Remember. OEM can invariably override this default wallpaper using overlay folders OR can override it with Live wallpaper.

Hope it will help !!! I’ll attempt to update my blog with increased tips and methods.

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