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Beautiful Icons update brings multiple weather predictions – now 50% off

Probably the most popular, effective, and top grossing applications for Android Beautiful Icons, just been up-to-date towards the latest and finest version 4. and it has some impressive additional features. Beautiful Icons is the fact that awesome weather and clock you’ve most likely seen on 1000′s of Android mobile phones and pills. Today they have added multi-forecast options along with a couple of other additional features. It is also half-off for any short time consider getting it when you can.

With present day update there exists a completely new Online Store where customers can browse all of the different clock and weather skins to obtain the perfect personalized search for their device. They have also added a cloud-to-device option so customers can see the skins online, after which tap download and it’ll instantly download to your device. A pleasant feature however i usually just search for skins inside BW myself.

Probably the most asked for options that come with the superb Beautiful Icons was the choice to possess multiple locations at the same time. Having the ability to set multiple weather predictions. Formerly you can just use just one location, or enable Geo-location. With BW 4. we are able to now add as much as we want and delay pills work great in Frozen Treats Sandwich. Simply swipe to scroll using your weather predictions. I have added three as you can tell within the screenshots above. While viewing the weather forecast just wipe leftOrcorrect to see different locations. It is rather simple, easy, then one I have wanted forever.

Beautiful Icons is a purchase together with the brand new 4. update for any short time therefore if you haven’t already bought this simply awesome application, I highly suggest you try it out. Browse the new BW Online Store using the link below, then mind towards the Google Play Store and obtain it today.

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