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Android :: WebView Tutorial Opens Asked for Address In Browser And Never In Web View

I’m using Android emulator with AVD of Android 2.1 and that i possess the following problem: Attempting to load a URL inside a WebView using webView.loadUrl causes it to spread out within the browser rather.Note: I’m speaking concerning the initial opening, not the problem by which links in the WebView open inside a browser, though, possibly it’s in some way connected.I have attempted a number of things:I have removed in the manifest. That really managed to get work properly, i.e, load the html in to the webview. However, as you would expect, the only real factor it loaded is “not able for connecting the webInch error page.I have debugged the project to make certain and even at loadUrl function, it opens Android browser. The CatLog here is as a result:05-23 22:54:06.858: INFO/Activity Manager(51): Beginning activity: Intent i have attempted installing a genuine sample project (“Hello Android” book source files, project – BrowserView). However, it did not work likewise. I have produced a brand new project and adopted the directions at Google’s official tutorial of utilizing WebView and also got exactly the same result.I’ve not find other people worrying about this. How come it happen?

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