Android wifi tether project hosting on google code


The program allows tethering (via wifi) for “rooted” mobile phone models running android (like the Android DevPhone 1). Clients (your laptop for instance) can connect via wifi (ad-hoc mode)and obtain internet access while using 3rd generation, 2G mobile connection that is established through the phone.

This application needs a “rooted”-tool and(most likely) a custom-kernel which assists netfilter (iptables)! Please visit the FAQ for more information.

For support, please visit the FAQ or our Google Group. Also, consider giving if you like the merchandise.

Make use of this application at the own risk. It’s possible which use of the program may violate your carrier’s Tos.
Latest Version – 3.1 BETA14

or came from here.


Bugfix: Preventing tether using trackball did not work.


Start/stop-image has become a image-button
Using ICS default-theme


Added support for Universe S2 (ICS).
Added an generic ics-profile that might focus on different products. (You need to choose this profile – known as “Generic ICS” – by hand in application-stettings under “Device profile”.)

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