Android x86 virtualbox guest additions


here’s my proposition for VirtualBox support in android-x86 ICS.

You will find attached 2 files :
– B .tar residue that contains the unitOrvm/vm/ files
– An area for “battery poll” support

What’s working :
– Graphics, clearly :-)
– Mouse (had been OK)
– Audio (a minimum of AC97 and Apple HDA shoud be supported)
– Ethernet DHCP-just with no config (awaiting the ethernet patch to be included to the git)

What’s no longer working :
– Camera (for other develops)
– Screen timeout result in the UI dangles – this is exactly why I have transformed the default screen timeout from 1 min to 30 mins

Some comments :
– VirtualBox ACPI implementation don’t appear to transmit ACPI occasions on battery level changes and charger plug/unplug I needed to implement a “battery polling” mechanism to possess correct battery information. This polling mechanism is triggered through the setting the status.battery.polling property to at least one, the polling frequency being set using the status.battery.polling_freq property (nb secs between 2 polling) with 30 secs default.
– The three dimensional acceleration is disabled with the “debug.egl.hw=” property (in system.prop)
– Audio : I needed to set the “PCM” control on in to possess seem working
– Ethernet is enable with the overlays/framework/base/core/res/res/values/config.xml

This picture may be employed by VMWare as well as on generic x86 but I have not examined.

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