Android’s dungeon simpsons hit and run


Possessed and run by local resident Comic Guy, The Android’s Dungeon is Springfield’s premiere place to purchase comics and baseball cards. The store’s motto is “Take me for your baseball cards and comics,” spoken with a card board cutout of the robot displayed within the store’s window.

The shop is really a typical comic store featuring several shelves filled with new comic game titles for example Manboy, Radiation Dude, Batboy, Mr. Hop, Batchick, Mr. Smarty-Pants!, Birdguy, Nick, Cat Girl, Energy Person, Dog Kid, Iguana Girl, Lizard Kid, Lava Lady, Star Dog, A Persons Bee, Mister Amazing and Tree Guy. There also numerous more unique collectables available like a Mary Worth phone (exchanged to Bart to have an Scratchy & Tickly animation cel), a McDonalds Hamburgler kiddie coloring book (offered to Milhouse in return for bathroom privileges), an uncommon photo of Sean Connery signed by Roger Moore, Bleeding Nicotine gums Murphy’s Sax around the Beach album (offered to Bart like a gift for his sister Lisa), the best pog having a picture of Steve Allen onto it, children’s soul (offered to Milhouse), along with a rare Spider-guy #1 (bought and eaten by Homer Simpson included in a prank monkey gig designated to him by Mr. Burns).
Once, The Android’s Dungeon went bankrupt whenever a more recent, bigger, more user friendly comic store opened up up nearby known as Coolsville, which later converted into a lady gym known as Shapes, but it is unclear how Marge offered a fitness center to Comic Guy, because later on episodes after Husbands and Knives, it demonstrated The Android’s Dungeon running a business again.
Some comics, however, don’t sell. Unsold comics typically end up in the garbage within the alley behind the store. Comic Guy frequently has challenge with brainiacs picking through his trash, like the time he put away a collection of She-Hulk versus. Leon Spinks comics (“Worst crossover ever,” CBG stated at that time). Some clients are extremely difficult that they’re banned in the store. Banned clients include Bart Simpson, Milhouse van Houten, Sideshow Bob, Nelson Muntz and Matt Groening.
When Comic Guy had cardiac arrest, Bart and Milhouse required over running the store for any brief some time and nearly drove it in to the ground. Milhouse bought 2000 copies of the comic titled Biclops, released by Lenscrafters, in regards to a bespectacled super hero, and also the comic offered very poorly. Additionally they held night time tests of Comic Man’s secret bootleg video archive. Memorable servings of the screening include footage of local newsman Kent Brockman picking his nose along with a nuclear disaster strategy film in the Cold War. As opposed to the Biclops comics, the tests demonstrated to be really popular. Ironically, however, it wasn’t Biclops however the video tests that led to the shop nearly being closed, once the Springfield Police got wind from the tests and raided the shop. The Android’s Dungeon then grew to become an evidence scene, as opposed to a office, once the police discovered the illegal video stash.
Regardless of the shabby method in which Comic Guy goodies his clients, people always appear to return towards the store. Stan Lee, creator of Marvel Comics, once visited the shop and annoyed Comic Guy to no finish, possibly teaching him a lesson about how exactly far he is able to push someone. However, understanding how his mind works, not likely.

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