Android’s dungeon tapped out locked


The Andriod’s Dungeon is visible because the comic shop in Springfield. Why? Because Jeffrey Albertson includes this odd searching building and we are unsure how he is able to squeeze into it. Who’s Jeffrey Albertson? Well within the Simpsons cartoon he’s the overweight guy that runs the comic shop. He’s better named because the Comic Guy for his appearance mostly in the comic shop. Should you each one is wondering why It’s known as Andriod Dungeon then it is since the comic shop within the Simpsons is really caleld The Android Dungeon.

To buy The Andriod Dungeon together with Mr. Albertson, you’re needed to become a minimum of level 13 and also have completed The Dungeon Keeper Pt. 2. If you’re level 13 and can’t connect to the Andriod Dungeon then it is mostly since you haven’t completed The Dungeon Keeper Pt. 2, that is a mission inside your Tapped Out game. What you ought to do is ensure every character in Springfield is content with all of their quests, if you cannot find in which the mission will be simply look at your task book. Out of this Andriod’s Dungeon, you’ll earn an earnings in an 3 hour rate with 75 cash and 7 xp.
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