Angry Birds game Early Bird Coffee and Explosive Espresso coming to Finland


Finnish winter is absolutely brutal. It’s freezing outside, there’s about 90 minutes of sunlight each day, and you’re guaranteed to slip and fall at least once, no matter how adept you think you are at walking. These reasons, plus several others, are why Finnish people drink more coffee per capita than the peoples from any other nation. Paulig, one of the biggest coffee brands in Finland, got together with Rovio, makers of Angry Birds, to introduce two new flavors today: Early Bird Coffee and Explosive Espresso. The Early Bird Coffee uses 100% Arabica beans from Brazil, Columbia, and Africa, and is medium roasted. The Explosive Espresso on the other hand is primarily made from Brazilian and Columbian beans, though there’s some Indian robusta thrown in for that “extra kick”.

Paulig says sales should start during week 44, which is basically the last week of October. This writer is looking forward to picking some up from his local supermarket, because if it wasn’t for coffee then he wouldn’t be able to get out of bed.Back to Rovio, they’ve practically taken over Finland. Name just about any household object, and chances are you can buy it with an Angry Birds logo. There’s Angry Birds soda, Angry Birds bed sheets and pillow cases, there’s Angry Birds clothing, and there are even Angry Birds parks in two Finnish cities: Espoo and Tampere.

According to an editorial on BGR written by Tero Kuittinen (Finnish), roughly 40% of Rovio’s revenues this holiday season will come from merchandise. We’re not surprised by that figure, but we wonder what the company is going to be like half a decade from now. Will the Angry Birds brand be as strong or will it be just another fad?The advantage of profiting by pushing more product off the shelves will have to balance out the net loss of seeing the product get flung off the shelves

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