Angry Birds Star Wars the greatest thing that will ever happen to Angry Birds has a new game play trailer


The final time we introduced you news about Angry Wild birds The Exorcist, it had been a sneak look at the overall game play featuring the Luke and Leia Angry Wild birds figures. The Leia designed bird can apparently shoot dual lasers and also the Luke designed bird wields an easy saber. Rovio has launched another video that shows much more of the overall game have fun with more figures.

For individuals who’d rather watch than read, skip towards the bottom for that video. The main one minute, 19 second video shows really the overall game than previous trailers. Now you should check out Han Solo bird, R2D2 bird, and Chewbacca bird for action because they remove hordes of Empire pigs. As Android Gamer highlights, you will find also opponents which will attempt to shoot your bird from the sky.

Additionally, it shows more thorough stuff that can be done using the forces. For example, as Luke bird, if you are using the sunshine saber swipe in the right moment, you are able to really deflect lasers back in the piggies. The best part might be there looks to become an chance to achieve the Millennium Falcon are available in and take care of things for you personally.The discharge is just 72 hours away, making this likely everyone’s last teaser video of all time launched. To determine more, browse the video below. Is anybody installing Angry Wild birds The Exorcist if this arrives?

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