Angry Birds updates


Fans of the Angry Birds franchise are in for a treat, with a couple of updates to this physics-based game series.

First, we have an official sneak peak of the latest Angry Birds Star Wars collaboration that includes a clip from Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope. In this video, we see Obi Wan Kenobi with Han Solo talking about what was initially thought to be a moon, but turns out to be the Death Star (but with distinct features of a bad piggie).

Second, the original Angry Birds game has been updated with new levels. To be exact, we have 15 new levels, but these are not your ordinary Bird-launching levels. Rather, these are surf n’ turf levels inspired by Rovio’s Bad Piggies release.

The update also includes a redesigned menu and episode selection list. Players can also learn more about each of the birds’ special powers, so you know just how to take advantage of each bird’s capabilities

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