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AppBrain Market Sync. Finally it’s possible to install Android apps from a web interface! Browse the app market on from a desktop computer and use this app to install and uninstall the apps you selected on that website! has: Related apps, fast search, popularity lists, wishlists, and sharing of app lists!
Price: Free


AppBrain Market Sync Android app is the mobile counterpart to, an Android Market view website that allows you to Search and Sync apps from the Web to your Android phone and vice versa! has statistics on your apps downloaded including costs, free vs paid percentage, total storage size, plus a breakdown in categories. You can share your app list publicly or keep it private. You can even uninstall apps from via their website. See Android developer download stats and who’s producing the most downloads, highest ratings, and total apps available in the Market.


This app is extremely useful! Many users like to research apps while on their computers then download them. Manage your Android apps via the Web then have the sync app execute tasks while on the go.

Ease of Use:
Signup using your Google account and download the AppBrain Market Sync Android app on your phone. After all that first time stuff is taken care of search their website for apps you want to download. When you’re done placing your apps in queue to download, launch the AppBrain Market Sync app to download and install the apps from the Android Market. If you placed Paid apps in the queue you will have to complete the checkout on the phone before downloading.

Question to Uwe or AppBrain:
Do you have a public API that developers can tie into, so that apps can request installs of libraries/services/etc from the market without going through the Android Market.
E.g. a user installs a (free) app that needs a particular Service. This Service is available on the Market. Currently, an app can present a dialog that takes the user to the Android Market and have him/her download the Service from there. This takes quite a few steps and takes the user out of the application. It would be nice if it could be done all with a developer’s application.It’s actually the opposite of that. AppBrain’s website obtains and lists all information about apps from Google’s Android Market, however, does not have the actual apps for download. They only shortcut link your phone to the apps in Google’s Android Market. It’s dependent on your phone to connect to the Market for the actually downloads.

The best way to find new apps in Google Play (Android market).
Make the Android market usable, and find your next favorite app, live wallpaper or widget:
– App recommendations
– New and hot apps of the day
– Find top Android apps with a price drop
– Share your best apps (eg twitter/facebook)
– Tracks market update: notifies of updates available
– Fast uninstaller
– Browse “my apps” on and install apps with a sync instead of barcode scanner
– Keep your list of installed apps as a backup on

AppBrain is the best way to discover top Android apps in the Android market and to manage your apps. It does not work with the Amazon app store.

AppBrain Market Sync is an app management system that lets users visit to easily browse apps in the Market and choose which ones they want to install. Once you have picked the apps you tell your phone to sync to the Market and bam – it’s on your phone.

When I first heard of AppBrain Market I was hyped. What a time saver this is going to be. Little did I know the frustrations forth coming to me.

When you go to AppBrain they allow you to login with your Gmail account; it seems pretty cut and dry. It’s only after you get into the meat of the site where the problems start revealing themselves. Almost every app I would choose to install on my phone would uncheck itself after I left the respective pages. Once I could get an actual app to stay in the “install” position that’s when frustrations began.

Pictured below are the constant errors that you get when trying to use this program to sync up to the AppBrain website. Error after error after error; I wanted to break my phone.

Finally when the AppBrain sync would recognize the website, the sync begins. The Market boots up and automatically brings you to the first app on your list. After it installs, the user must press the back option and it will take you to the next one your list. So on and so forth until you get all your apps you wanted downloaded.

In the end I found myself browsing their website and just searching the Market on my phone once I found an app that I really wanted.

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